Feel Free to Believe

‘Credits to Christina Perri’s I Believe’

We all have that  I believe in life. More than one would be the exact number. We use to believe on those things that makes us smile. We tend to believe on folks for such a reason. We believe we can fly. We ought to believe in magic. We believe sooner or later we’ll be like that. We incline to believe on that because of these or on these because of that.

Why believe? Many believe (pertaining to a subject) for that is the least thing to do; or for a self-satisfaction, to impress others, and for no reason we just believe.

Life is a struggle. We live not just to feel happy. We fall. We stumble. We feel pain. We fall again. We stumble again. And when in times where we are on the world’s greatest downs ~~ you gotta believe. And when the time comes when the least thing to do is  nothing ~~ feel free to believe.


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